White Dental Beauty

8 Jan 2016 - 26709

WDB (White Dental Beauty) from Optident is a home dental bleaching system for dentists with active ingredients hydrogen peroxide (HP) (6% HP) or carbamide peroxide (CP) (5, 10, 16% CP) mixed with NOVON, a formula Optident divulge because it enhances the bleaching effect. The gel produces an equivalent bleaching over a shorter application time. WDB bleaching has a good SENSITIVITY MANAGEMENT designed into the formula. This product have marketing support, with a PERSONALISED ecofriendly packaging in which the LOGO OF THE CLINIC can be inserted which helps to create a bespoke practice branding.

WDB (White Dental Beauty) from Optident is a home dental bleaching system for dentists with three main differences:

– Optident its a company that suceeds in addressing the problems commonly associated with SENSITIVE TEETH when whitening treatments are undertaken. WDB offers a new formula that can be used even in sensitive teeth. They offer a good sensitivity management designed into the formula into all range of products and they formulated one special bleaching (WDB White Dental Beauty Mild 5%CP carbamide peroxide +Novon) specially for the ones who experienced more discomfort.

– Optident’s long term experience and expertise in the development of products and in the design and presentation of Eco friendly packaging, coupled with close PERSONALIZED MARKETING SUPPORT, can also help build practice profitability. This can be achieved through bespoke packaging of whitening products, such as patient kits, which can be tailored to suit individual needs with the application of practice branding such as PRACTICE LOGOS.

– NOVON particle inside the formula. This is an exclusive patented technology (US patent No. 8815217B2), and takes the form of an active ingredient in the gel that remains stable at neutral pH in the syringe, yet upon dilution a rapid pH increase occurs. This pH increase, from neutral to alkaline produces an enhanced release of perhydroxyl ions, resulting in a MORE EFFECTIVE BLEACHING ACTION.
The Novon formula permits the White Dental Beauty gel to deliver an unsurpassed accelerated bleaching action that is safe, effective and kind to the teeth. This action is so significant that when comparing 10%CP with 5%CP (carbamide peroxide) gel, over the same application period, the results showed a similar whitening effect, with less sensitivity with the less concentrated carbamide peroxide 5%CP.

It is available in four different concentration:
6%HP (Hydrogen peroxide) recommended to be used 30 min a day
10%CP (Carbamide peroxide) recommended to be used 2-4 hours or overnight
16%CP recommended to be used 60 min a day
5%CP recommended to be used 2-4 hours or overnight

WDB bleaching is a promising product that Style Italiano is clinically testing in the last months with good results, At this point we´re able to confirm the data they gave to us.

Fig. 1

The patient kit consists of a carton box (the small one for fewer syringes for the patient after the bleaching for the maintenance of the color) . The rope handle bag is to give to our patients a boutique shopping experience.

Fig. 2

It is possible to add the clinic logo, to present the patients with a personally branded treatment.

Fig. 3

The strong marketing team helps the clinician with plenty of tools as this waiting room banner.

Fig. 4

A WDB poster which can help the dentist to promote the product in the clinic.

Fig. 5

Patient literature. Information for the patient which helps understand the whitening and generates curiosity about the product.