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27 Feb 2017 - 24004

Periodontal treatment is of paramount importance in the everyday practice of an updated clinician.

Patients can present with different level of disease: initial, moderate, advanced.

It’s the ethic of the general practitioner to define which kind of patients he feels like treating and which level of disease he wants to deal with. He may decide to refer the most complicated cases to a specialist in periodontology while he may feel confident in performing non surgical therapy, in treating minor osseous defects and doing surgeries such as crown lengthening, free gingival grafts and simpler root coverage procedures.

In the spirit of Style Italiano whose philosophy is to make treatment feasible, teachable, repeatable, periodontal therapy too can follow this approach. It’s my feeling that, in the best interest of his patients, every practitioner should be able to properly execute this type of procedures which can be teached within limited amount of time.


Giano Ricci


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