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13 Feb 2017 - 35767

It all started with a group of five dentists: Roberto Spreafico, Cesare Robello, Franco Brenna, Massimo Nuvina and Massimo Gagliani. We have been working in the same field for a long time, and we often got together, not only to share professional advice, but also to spend some leisure time together.

The experiences gained at the University, in the Scientific Societies and in all the Study Groups we were in, gave us great opportunities. Day by day, has grown up among us the complicity that inevitably establishes between professionals who respect each other and who love to discuss and debate the problems they encounter in their daily work. But even more elements linked us, the substantially similar age, a certain success that each one of us had already achieved over the years, and especially the passion for new technologies that could improve the quality of care in our offices.

We were all computer enthusiasts. Two among us had already organized the first Digital Day in Saluzzo in 2001! And we knew for sure that digital would revolutionize our future. We were studying, experimenting; we exchanged opinions and assessments, sometimes sharing uncertainties and small disappointments for cases that we had not been able to solve, but we also remember moments of enthusiasm, when we praised ourselves for having succeeded, thanks to the wise use of computers, to arrive where colleagues were not able to, limiting their opportunities to pure manual skill.

We established, in April 2013, the DDA, Digital Dental Academy, which aims, as stated on official papers, at careful examination of the methodologies that research and industry provide our profession to update our operational schemes and optimize the dental work. The primary scientific task is to act as a filter using the knowledge and the experience that we personally made on the validity of the methods that are being offered as innovative.

Our first port of call will be the young people who want to get closer to the digital world, but also colleagues who want to optimize the management of their offices, especially nowadays that quality, time and costs have to deal with precise visions of professional ergonomics.

We would also like to motivate everyone to a goal that we want to become the flag of our Academy, "Solutions not problems". Digital must help us solve clinical cases that are presented to us in the office or in the laboratory, as simply and clearly as possible. It is not obvious at all that innovation is synonymous with complication; those who work with the help of the Academy, should only put good will, as little as possible of intellectual laziness and great willingness to accept the new trend.

DDA appreciates the vision of Style Italiano: Feasible, Teachable and Repeatable, that is the Style Italiano recipe for a daily success dentistry. This is why we decided to collaborate and we will try to apply all these shared criteria to the upcoming Digital Dentistry.

Fig. 1

This lower premolar was suffering from an acute pulpitis and the treatment was accomplished by root canal instrumentation and filling during the time of milling needed to build the ceramic overlay: a single visit endo-resto CAD/CAM restoration.

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Fig. 3
Fig. 4

A premolar and a molar needing amalgam replacement have been treated in a single appointment with two CAD/CAM chairside indirect composite restorations.

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