Semidirect Prefabricated Veneers Part 1

3 Mar 2014 - 10346

In my opinion they must be condiderated as a new generation of anterior composite restoration to simplify freehand technique and to increase the quality of front teeth restorations.

Their best advantage is the thickness of the shells… just 0,3 mm

So we can use them like contact lens concept, just in addition, without preparing the teeth

Fig. 1

For this reason, we can put them on the vestibular side with a glycerine drop

Fig. 2

To show our project to the patient before starting

Fig. 3
Fig. 4

To obtain her agreement

Fig. 5

My favourite indication for them is a high number of big restorations

Fig. 6

Using this technique we can exploit the possibility of covering all the vestibular enamel surface with the incredible advantage to move margins in an invisible position

Fig. 7

So, after a correct isolation under the rubber dam

Fig. 8

I took the place of old fillings

Fig. 9

With a single dentin shade

Fig. 10
Fig. 11
Fig. 12

Before using composite preformed veneers

Fig. 13

I just roughened composite surface with a diamond bur to increase the adhesión

Fig. 14

Before using an orthofosforic 37% etchant gel on the teeth

Fig. 15

And a etch and rinse two step adhesive system on the all vestibular side

Fig. 16

And on the internal part of the componeer, without polymerizing

Fig. 17

Luting protocol is the same as indirect posterior composite restorations

Fig. 18

With all the steps of adhesive and heated composite on the internal side of the veneer

Fig. 19

We can use all the time we need to remove composite excess with a thin probe

Fig. 20

And a flat dental floss.

Fig. 21

Before polymerizing

Fig. 22

The final stages of polymerization was made under glycerine

Fig. 23

which eliminated oxygen access to the surface

Fig. 24

We need just a very easy and fast time to polish and finish margins

Fig. 25

and interdental contact point because the vestibular side has a high quality factory treatment

Fig. 26

And this was the final result in only one appointment and just two hours of total working time…

So. We can have a lot of advantages

Just one working session

No temporary restorations

Lab free and low cost

Fig. 27

With this new system, we can achieve easy and predictable aesthetic results in anteriors

Fig. 28

A smart solution between direct and indirect restorations to simplify free hand tecnique

Fig. 29

And a very good reply by tissue health

If we respect soft tissue, they will respect us with a perfect stability during the time

Fig. 30

Under bioeconomy concept