Restoring aesthetics and function with a reliable long-term restoration

14 Nov 2018 - 5040

The patient, a 35-year old woman, came to our office with the wish to restore her upper and lower dentition. Both jaws were restored with fixed bridges many years ago. She experienced pain and discomfort and complains about recurrent infections in her lower jaw.

She also feels uncomfortable with her dental aesthetics. Her primary concern is to restore the lower jaw first, then proceed with the upper one.

Unfortunately, in the lower arch all the elements had to be extracted and replaced with 4 implants in order to create a short arch fixed implant retained composite veneered bridge.

Fig. 1

In the panoramic x-ray we can appreciate the situation of the upper arch with extensive bone loss, periapical infections and root fractures.

Fig. 2

we can easily understand why the patient was unsatisfied by the aesthetic of her smile

Fig. 3

The margins of the old restorations were not sealing properly.

Fig. 4

After the removal of the upper existing restorations, extensive loss of enamel and dentin is present, just as expected.

Fig. 5

Several teeth presented carious lesions at their cervical region, buccally as well as palatally. 

A simple acrylic provisional restoration was created to give her a limited level of comfort and self-confidence during the initial restorative phase.

Fig. 6

Endodontic retreatments were performed

Fig. 7

Fiber posts were tried (DMG LuxaPost)

Fig. 8

Using the same material (DMG LuxaCore Z), fiber posts were cemented and abutments were builded.

Fig. 9

Abutment preparation

Fig. 10

In order to ensure aesthetic, function and marginal fit for a long time, a long-term temporay material (DMG LuxaCrown) was used to prepare a new temporary restoration.

Fig. 11

Final preparations

Fig. 12

We can appreciate the optimal marginal fit.

Fig. 13

Pleasing final outcome – oral harmony restablished.



In extensive and challenging clinical cases where a trustworthy and effective long-term solution is needed, a new generation of semi-permanent material should be given priority.

It displays exceptional mechanical properties, ease of handling and optimal aesthetic results.