A unique device for maximum safety of your lab work during transportation, conditioning and cementation.

Thanks to veneerME, you’ll be able to carry, ship and also manipulate
your hyper-delicate veneers, inlays, onlays, overlays and crowns
in the highest safety conditions.

A Galip Gurel’s concept in collaboration with Smile Line and Styleitaliano.


For Dentists

Etch, dry, silanize, clean in ultrasonic bath*, dry again, apply bonding and the chosen cement.
Your whole procedure is now completely safe and stress-free.

*do not use alcohols with concentrations over 50%


For Technicians

Ship your veneers from the lab in the safest conditions, add value to your precious work, and re-use it.


polyurethane gel-pad

• The VeneerME base is covered with a polyurethane gel sticky pad.
• Stick your veneers on the pad on their buccal surface, so that they won't move.
Safely condition the internal part of your veneers! Etching and silanization can be carried out without fearing your work slipping or falling down.
• The pad’s material is super resistant it's reusable, several times, and easily replaceable in case of deterioration.


clip-on membrane frame

• Once your veneers are placed on the pad, secure the clip-on membrane frame on the base of veneerME for extra fixation.
• The extra-thin nylon net delicately adapts to the shape of your veneers.
• Now you just need to close the lid and your master work is ready for delivery.
• The reusable membrane frame can be replaced – if needed – after having been used several times.



The sticky pad can hold your veneers, and keep them in place while you're delicately blowing air,
preventing accidental falling of the veneers during the procedure.
For more aggressive procedures, the clip-on membrane can be placed for extra protection. And for transportation,
close the lid to create an armor for your precious lab work.



The membrane is permeable nylon net!

No more stress. You can rinse right through the membrane
Working in the best conditions and in complete safety.



Ultra-sonic bath

you can fill the lid halfway and place your veneerMe

in the ultrasonic bath for cleansing


Acid etching

is performed on the sticky pad



Clip & Wash

Clip the membrane frame
and wash the acid, even under the tap

Rinse & Dry

Rinse, even in there ultrasonic device, and continue
with all your bonding steps in the same way

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Working in the best conditions and in complete safety.

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VeneerME box is the perfect present for your Dentist. VeneerME box is the perfect present for your Lab Technician

VeneerME comes in a set of 3 complete containers with 3 spare Polyurethane sticky pads and 3 spare Membrane frames.

To keep using your VeneerMe hundreds of times, additionally packs of 10 Replacement Membrane frames or packs of 10 Replacement Polyurethane sticky pads can be purchased