Nonsurgical therapy to recapture the interproximal papilla

23 May 2017 - 20924

Nonsurgical therapy can be useful to recapture the esthetic aspect of periodontal tissues even in the most difficult cases, where the interproximal papilla has been lost because of the inflammatory process.

An 18 years old girl, with no systemic risk factors (non-diabetic, non-smoker) presented with grade 1-2 tooth mobility, spontaneous bleeding, halitosis and diastemas.

Fig. 1

Nonsurgical therapy, recovery of the papilla. The young patient showed multiple abscesses with altered gingival profiles. Note the creation of diastemas.

Fig. 2

Considerable contraction of interproximal tissues followed nonsurgical therapy.

Fig. 3

Clinical case compared before and after one year of nonsurgical therapy: recovery of the height of the papilla following optimal oral hygiene, control of inflammation, and tissue maturation.



Nonsurgical therapy if properly and carefully performed, may improve the esthetic of the patients even in the most challenging cases, namely those who have lost the interproximal papilla.


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