myCustom Rings kit

3 Jul 2017 - 32304

Polydentia’s myCustom Rings kit has been developed in partnership with Style Italiano, a study group of clinicians and researchers specialized in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. This kit is conceived for the application of an innovative technique developed by Style Italiano.

The myCustom Rings technique allows to easily recreate the pre-existing interproximal anatomy. The ring tines are custom-shaped by taking an impression of the healthy and intact proximal walls using the included light curable myCustom Resin. This enables to achieve strong contact points and precise proximal contour during restoration.

The myCustom Rings kit also features a complete selection of assorted, thin Sectional Matrix Bands powered by Style Italiano (Quickmat, LumiContrast, and Transparent), as well as Interdental Maple Wood Wedges, and the newly re-designed Delta Tubes, also powered by Style Italiano.

Fig. 1

myCustom Rings kit was developed to facilitate the application of the “Custom Rings” technique developed by Style Italiano

Fig. 2

Every matrix you need for anteriors or posteriors in one kit, with a simple selection complete with rings, wedges and matrices for virtually any situation, from customizable to standard adaptation

Fig. 3

The Custom Rings concept was born with the idea to copy nature in places that are at risk to be lost due to the extent of the caries

Fig. 4


Fig. 5

First Layer of “myCustom Resin” and placement of the ring after polymerization

Fig. 6

Completion with resin of the ring

Fig. 7

Wedge removal

Fig. 8

The personalized ring

Fig. 9

First stage of cavity preparation

Fig. 10

Matrix, wedge and ring placement

Fig. 11

After filling up the cavity

Fig. 12

Restoration after ring and matrix removal

Fig. 13

View after Polishing

Fig. 14

Occlusion check

Fig. 15

Control after 3 months. You can purchase myCustom Rings kit on Smile Line’s webshop or contact Polydentia at

Fig. 16

Video tutorial for myCustom Rings technique