A 4 days program comprehends anteriors, posteriors, direct and indirect. Our Daily Menu course is always in constant evolution and full of hands-on.

A 4 days program comprehends anteriors, posteriors, direct and indirect. Besides of the scientific activity we will have a great time in the beautiful Ligurian coast of Santa Margherita Ligure – Portofino. The full program here. See you in December.

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Day 1

Anterior direct restorations: Color matching in dentistry, composite shade guides, color charts and digital mapping, 4 Silicon index strategies, Which instruments should we use, Cavity preparation, Convex matrices in anteriors, Direct anterior layering: a simplified selection, Simplified anterior layering procedures,  special effects in anteriors: which ones, when and how, Morphology and shape, Contour, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Anatomy

Hands on 1: Achieving perfection with the silicon index and color matching

Hands on 2: Class IV layering generating a stratification recipe

Hands on 3: Morphology


Day 2

Antetrior Direct Restorations (Continues): Class III and Class V, preparation guidelines, stratification technique, materila selection, opacity selection, finishing and polishing, why Class V fail?, how to avoid it?, Long term control and mantainence. Shape modifications, diastema, conoids, black triangles, proportion affected teeth, new approach, when to do and when no to do wax-up and silicon guides. Why restorations fail, succeed and what to do?

Hands-on 4: Class III and V restorations

Hands-on 5: Diastema closure


Day 3

When to do What? A thorough trip into treatment planning. Direct and Indirect strategies, veneers, mock-up and treatment plan. Preparation techniques for anterior veneer. Criteria for the cervical margin location. Preparation of the incisal edge, when and how? Try in of the definitive restorations, Adhesive cementation in anteriors, materials and techniques

Inlay-Onlay, Overlay and Veneer, Indications for the choice of indirect partial restorations in posteriors, The choice of the restorative material. Composites, ceramics or hybrids, The importance of the build-up, The preps in indirect posteriors, the Styleitaliano concept and dedicated instruments, Impression strategy, digital or analogue and how to succeed in both, From the temporary restoration to the adhesive cementation, finishing and polishing.

Hands-on 6: Indirect veneer preparations

Hands-on 7: Posterior Overlay preparation

Dinner with Participants at a special location!


Day 4:

Adhesion and Anterior Indirect restorations: Comprehensive update on adhesion, bonding strategies and state of the art of adhesive dentistry. 

Posterior direct and indirect restorations: Cavity design and bonding strategy, Preps for direct posterior restorations: burs and instruments, Margin location, From the difficult layering to the easy one, Concepts of anatomy in posteriors, The Bulk&Body technique, Guides and actions in direct posteriors, the fast modelling technique driven by Essential lines, Finishing and polishing, Failure analysis and corrections. 

Hands-on 7: The Essential Lines

Hands-on 8: Posterior Custom Rings and Bulkfill restorations


Discussion, questions and answers, end of program



Registration and info:

EXCLUSIVELY through courses@styleitaliano.org send and e-mail ASAP

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