LM-PerioKit powered by Style Italiano

9 Jul 2017 - 8706

LM-PerioKit by Style Italiano is a set of periodontal instruments chosen by Dr. Giano Ricci.

““The LM-PerioKit by Style Italiano contains the essentials for the best possible therapy. Instruments have been selected in the spirit of Style Italiano whose philosophy is to make treatment feasible, teachable, repeatable. Periodontal therapy too can follow this approach. It’s my feeling that, in the best interest of his patients, every practitioner
should be able to properly execute non surgical therapy, crown lengthening procedures, free gingival grafts, simpler surgical root coverages.”
Giano Ricci MD. DDS. MScD.

LM periodontal instruments are ultimate in metallurgy. The high wear resistance and hardness of the blade metal makes them efficient, long-lasting and comfortable. The ergonomic design with a silicone handle gives the instruments a non-slip and natural grip. Good tactile sensitivity and easy handling of the instruments guarantee the best clinical results.

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Fig. 1

LM-PerioKit, product code LM 6842 ES
The kit includes North Carolina Probe, Furcation Probe, McCall 17S-18S, Concavity Diamond File SV 5-6, Mini Gracey 7/8, Mini Gracey 11/12, Mini Gracey 13/14, Implant Mini Universal curette and LM-Servo 8 cassette.

Fig. 2

North Carolina Probe, product code LM 54B ES
For detecting calculus, cavities and abnormalities on the tooth surfaces as well as probing the depth of pockets. With 5-10-15 mm markings.

Fig. 3

Furcation Probe, product code LM 20B-21B ES
For examination of furcation lesions from different angles in both the upper and lower jaws.

Fig. 4

McCall 17S-18S, product code LM 279-280 ES
For the removal of sub- and supragingival calculus. Excellent in tight interdental spaces.

Fig. 5

Concavity Diamond File SV 5-6, product code LM 255-256D ES
For acute furcation lesions. Diamond coated round curved toe.

Fig. 6

Mini Gracey 7/8, product code LM 207-208M ES
For premolars and molars. For buccal, mesial and lingual surfaces. Great for deep and narrow pockets

Fig. 7

Mini Gracey 11/12, product code LM 211-212M ES
For premolars’ and molars’ mesial surfaces. Great for deep and narrow pockets

Fig. 8

Mini Gracey 13/14, product code LM 213-214M ES
For premolars’ and molars’ distal surfaces. Great for deep and narrow pockets.

Fig. 9

Implant Mini Universal curette, product code LM 283-284MTI EM
Titanium tips for sensitive but still effective implant maintenance. Universal design works well in tight interdental spaces. With replaceable LM-ErgoMix tips.

Fig. 10