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Ergo is a sleek tool for organizing and cleaning endodontic and rotary files designed by the Styleitaliano Endodontics team.
Ergo follows the principles of StyleItaliano and is aimed to make the endodontic working flow easier and smoother.
Ergo, manufactured by JusTool, helps improving efficiency and ergonomics of routine endodontic therapy, both for the clinician who woks alone and the one who is helped by an assistant.

Fig. 1


Ergo is composed by an easy-adjustable and comfortable to wear silicone bracelet that can be worn by the clinician or the assistant and can be autoclaved after use. 

It comes with two autoclavable foam inserts (grey and blue), respectively dedicated to the storage and cleaning of rotary and hand files.

Fig. 2


The bracelet is flexible, comfortable to wear and autoclavable after use. It is equipped with five spaces to accommodate a complete sequence of rotary files while allowing for a quick single hand change of file.  

Manual and rotary files can be always kept in order in this compact caddy. 

Two millimetric rulers allow right or left handed users to easily measure and set the rubber stopper to working length.

Fig. 3


Foam inserts are disposable and can be autoclaved before use. They are easily put in place and stay firmly there during the whole therapy.

The blue insert is aimed to store and clean manual files: it is a soft foam that allows inserting and cleaning even thin files without bending their tip.

The grey insert, specific for rotary files, is designed to clean the debris from the instruments while they are in motion.

Fig. 4


Ergo can be used  either by the clinician or by the assistant, always resulting in an improvement of the endodontic workflow. 

If the clinician works alone it will be easier to load and detach the orari files only using one hand, reducing the operative time required for this steps. 

When the clinician works with an assistant, especially with the microscope, the assistant will manage ergo, creating a smooth workflow.

Fig. 5


  1. Load the file caddy with your favorite instruments
  2. Catch the rotary instruments placing them in the motor while in motion
  3. Clean the instruments without stopping the movement
  4. Detach the instruments easily and safely 
Fig. 6


Managing files has never been so safe: thanks to the metal plate on the bottom of the bracelet, the risk of injuries is reduced to zero, even when the rotary file is vertically inserted into the foam. 

Moreover, the clinician has no need to touch the rotary instruments with the hands to take them out of the motor, for a safe and quick file replacement.



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