Emergence Profile Management

31 Jan 2013 - 17113

An Article by Giuseppe Marchetti

Fig. 1

Preoperative. The old fillings need to be removed and new have to be done. The patient wanted a conservative treatment where possible.

Details of 1.1 & 2.1

Fig. 2

1.1 needed the review of the old endo treatment

Fig. 3

After the removal of the old composite veneer a new build up is done with a fiber glass post on 1.1. Because of its deep dyschromia and for the huge palatal abrasions a full crown was preferred to a veneer. All the decays were removed and new composite fillings were done.

Fig. 4


Fig. 5

Details of the acrylic provisional on 1.1

Fig. 6

The provisional preps.

Fig. 7

Details of the provisional preps.

Fig. 8

Details of the provisional preps.

Fig. 9

Details of the provisional preps.

Fig. 10

After a correct isolation under the rubber dam.

Fig. 11

A total etching is done on 2.1

Fig. 12

Details of the total etching.

Fig. 13

The hybridization of the dentine.

Fig. 14

A build up is done.

The build up is cured.

Fig. 15

The final preps are done with the guide of the silicone stent done with the wax up.

Fig. 16

The impressions are taken with a double cord technique.

Fig. 17

And a monophase dual viscosity impression technique is done with a polyether.

Fig. 18

Details of the impression.

Fig. 19

A chair side composite provisional is done for 2.1 with the guide of the wax up.

Fig. 20

Details of the provisionals.

The provisionals after a right polishing.

Fig. 21

A first try in of the Lithium Disilicate crown and veneer.

Fig. 22

Details of the final preps and of the tissues.

Fig. 23

The restorations before their cementation.

Fig. 24

The restorations before their cementation.

Fig. 25

A new isolation is done.

Fig. 26

The final try in under the dam.

Fig. 27

After the sandblasting of the bonding used previously a total etching is done again.

Fig. 28

Details of the total etching done with phosphoric acid.

Fig. 29

The veneer is etched with hydrofluoric acid.

Fig. 30

The primer is brushed for 10 seconds and dried.

The bonding is brushed for 20 seconds and gently dried, it is not cured.