Direct Anterior composite using LM ARTE

1 Mar 2016 - 66592

LM-arte is a range of innovative instruments for aesthetic stratification. The instruments were developed by LM and Style Italiano with the latest concepts in layering and aesthetic dentistry.

Fig. 1


Fig. 2

After the old composite removal

Fig. 3

Shade selection with Vita Classical shade guide

Fig. 4

Rubber dam isolation,remove any unsupported enamel and smooth all the preparation

Fig. 5

Etching was performed using 35% phosphoric acid

Fig. 6

LM Arte Applica twist: Enamel is placed on silicone key

Fig. 7

A thin convex posterior matrix were used (in vertical position) to give a natural and anatomic surface

Fig. 8

LM-Arte Condensa Plug gently,the plugger has two tips, a thick and a thin one. Both ends are non-angled so we can gently press without the risk of sticking to the composite.

Fig. 9

Palatal wall using LE composite from GC Essentia

Fig. 10

Creating dentin mamelons using MD composite from GC essentia

Fig. 11

Creating dentin mamelons with LM-Arte Fissura: Sculpt masterpieces A modelling tool with extremely sharp tips

Fig. 12

LM-Arte Misura: The exact space required A unique instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical layer thickness of composite in the anterior region

Fig. 13

Enamel is placed with LM-Arte Modella instrument and smoothed with brushes

Fig. 14

Contouring while we copy the morphological characteristics of the neighbor tooth

Fig. 15

After 1 week