Vincent Bielen

18 Mar 2014 - 15712

This patient wanted to replace the old amalgam fillings. By the use of direct composites we restored them in anatomy, function and aesthetics.

Fig. 1

Initial situation with the old amalgams in place.

Fig. 2

Operative field isolation by rubber dam before preparation.

Fig. 3

Cavity preparation using round burs and Cojet Prep (3M ESPE). Selective etching the enamel by 35% phosphoric acid followed by Clearfil SE (Kuraray) application and polymerization.

Fig. 4

Filtek A3B/A3E (3M ESPE) applied by LM Arte Style Italiano Fissura and composite brushes with composite primer (GC).

Fig. 5

Immediately after polishing with fine diamond burs, brownies and greenies (Shofu).