Nazariy Mykhaylyuk

14 Jan 2013 - 13936

Nazariy Mykhaylyuk

Private practice – “Dental Clinic of Mykhaylyuk – Oral Design Center Ukraine”


Young female came to our office to improve her smile. She didn’t like her dark teeth and also wanted to change the shape and colour. So we decided to change a restoration on tooth 2.2 and restore teeth 2.1 1.1 1.2 with full ceramic restorations.

Fig. 1

Initial situation: the smile of the patient.

Fig. 2

Front six teeth. We can see that front four teeth have aesthetic problems and need to be restored.

Fig. 3

Polar eyes analysis shows us that value of lateral and central incisor is very low. These teeth are endodonticly treated before.

Fig. 4

Dental technician created a wax-up, considering internal rotation of two central incisors, to save the right proportion between length and width.

Fig. 5

Preparation kit that we used in this case.

Fig. 6

Finished preparation.

Fig. 7

Soft tissue control with a microscope.

Fig. 8

Control of preparation.

Fig. 9

Finishing line looks nice and smooth.

Fig. 10

Creating provisional crowns. In this case they also played a role of a mock-up.

Fig. 11

Final impression taken.

Fig. 12

Control with a microscope.

Fig. 13

For a high precision we use silvering of impression.

Fig. 14

Finished full ceramic crowns (Creation CC).

Fig. 15

Isolation with rubber dam before bonding.

Fig. 16

Try-in of the restorations in the mouth.

Fig. 17

“Dry-fit” control with microscope.

Fig. 18

Final result.

Fig. 19

Soft tissue perfect condition.

Fig. 20

Patient’s smile before and after the treatment.