Lithium Disilicate Crowns on Upper Incisors

23 Jan 2014 - 5963

This case was a great and difficult case for our team. Our patient is 23 years old.

We had many problems from the first day: crowded teeth, bad hygiene, tooth decay, periapical lesions…but more important, the patient will leave and she doesn’t know when she’s coming back. The orthodontic treatment is not an option for her. Big old composite restorations were on the incisors, so no minimal invasive preparation was possible, except for tooth 11. We decided to go for root canal treatment on 12, 21, 22, seal and rebuild with fiber post and composite, and then create full 4 contour Emax (lithium disilicate) crowns. This case was made by Protodent Esthetix from Timisoara. The tissue is stable and the overall aesthetics is excellent. The cementation protocol was made with with Variolink and Link Ace from GC.

Fig. 1

Before the treatment. Note the small space between the teeth.

Fig. 2

Before the treatment.

Fig. 3

Colors that are hard to hide, old dental fills.

Fig. 4

Chu Gauge for orientation.

Fig. 5

Mock up details.

Fig. 6

Mock up integration. We can see that we need minimal intervention.

Fig. 7

Mock up.

Fig. 8

Tissue integration.

Fig. 9

Color management.

Fig. 10

Color of the abutments.

Fig. 11

Tissue healing around the provisionals.

Fig. 12

Tissue health after direct provisionals.

Fig. 13

E.max crowns.

Fig. 14

Lateral view.

Fig. 15


Fig. 16

Blending properties of the Emax.

Fig. 17




It is a case with multiple treatment options. Also tissue health is a subject of further recalls. Good hygiene and the great fit of the restorations will provide a long-term stable result.