Gurvinder Bhirth

10 Nov 2013 - 7128

Gurvinder Bhirth

Private practice, Kidderminster and Birmingham, UK


Fig. 1

Close up showing good integration of restoration.

Fig. 2

Initial situation.

Fig. 3

Contrasted view.

Fig. 4

Cross polarized image.

Fig. 5

Isolation and minimal preparation.

Fig. 6

Silicone matrix from wax-up.

Fig. 7


Fig. 8

Amber palatal shelf.

Fig. 9

Dentine layer OLC.

Fig. 10

Halo enhancement with Dentine OLC.

Fig. 11

Clear enamel layer and white/grey tint placed.

Fig. 12

Clear enamel placed over stain and A1 enamel.

Fig. 13

Initial finishing.

Fig. 14

One week after final polishing.

Fig. 15