Closing multiple small diastemas in the lower arch

28 Jan 2018 - 30768

In daily work for composite restoration you can work and develop your work in the anterior area, but it becomes more difficult and challenging to get a nice result when you work on very small cavities.

Fig. 1

Patient came to our clinic having multipla small diastemas in the lower arch.

The most difficult thing in this case is that the spaces are very small, so the layering technique gets challenging. Therefore, I decided to use a single mass technique.


Fig. 2

After shade selection it’s more comfortable and adequate to isolate our field with a rubber dam to get a better visibility and retraction of the interdental papilla.

Fig. 3

Close-up view.

Fig. 4

First of all, I used B4 dam clamps for better tissue retraction; this helps closing the black triangle while filling the diastema and creating a new emergency profile for the restoration.

Fig. 5

After polishing to remove aprismatic enamel, etching for 30 sec.

Fig. 6

After debris removal and etching. 

Fig. 7

The main tip of this case is that you can use a double posterior sectional matrix and fix it coronally with a little bit of flowable material. This is the first step.

Fig. 8

Another view: you can visualize the nice emergency profile that is going to be created for the restoration.

Fig. 9

The second main tip is to fix the fused sectional matrix directly to the tooth with a flowable material to give the matrices a better stability during the working time and to prevent them from overhanging on our filling.

Fig. 10

Now you can start your restoration. 

Fig. 11

I completed the remaining spaces using the same approach.

Fig. 12

All spaces closed with the same approach. I finish my restorations with polishing and I give a second appointment to the patient for final polishing and shape correction.

Fig. 13

This is the aspect after one week recall. Now I can polish the restorations better. 

Fig. 14

Final shaping.

Fig. 15

Final polished aspect.

Fig. 16

Recall, one month later.



Making it simple and getting an aesthetic outcome at the same time.