CAD/CAM Everyday Dentistry

16 Mar 2016 - 14285

Today CAD/CAM can help to perform high precision restorations using digital workflow. An everyday case.

Fig. 1

A 34 years old patient, with no medical history, came to our office with the desire to change the composite on her 46 which is unaesthetic for her. During the clinical exam we find decay under the restoration.

Fig. 2

Shade matching.

Fig. 3

Smile lite is used to select the right shade.

Fig. 4

After cleaning the cavity a ceramic inlay is chosen to restore a good morphology. Some composite is placed to fill gaps.

Fig. 5

Intraoral scanning was performed with the CS3500 (Carestream). the STL file is send to the dental lab (Digital Lab, La Roche sur Yon, France).

Fig. 6

Using the 3shape software the inlay is digitally shaped with high precision.

Fig. 7

The inlay is made with high translucent lithium disilicate (Emax A3 HT, Ivoclar Vivadent), high translucency will improve the light transmission after bonding.

Fig. 8

Using isolation, we can secure our cementation protocol. the inlay is properly conditioned (hydrofluoric acid, silane). the inlay luting is performed using a heated composite technique (Asteria A3).

Fig. 9

Excess material is removed and a quick polishing is carried out. After removal of the dam, and polishing.

Fig. 10

Final restoration after tooth rehydration.



A digital CAD/CAM workflow can help in precision and ergonomics in everyday dentistry.