Anterior single mass direct restorations

14 Apr 2016 - 27627

The modern restorative dentistry is based on the principles of adhesion and minimal invasiveness. Composite materials in particular have been imposed on the market as the solution of restoration is no longer temporary, but permanent and universal, and today there is a treatment plan that does not include their use as a seal, front or rear restoration.
The perfect knowledge of the strengths and techniques of application of these materials is essential for every dentist to get the best results from working time corrected.
The direct restorative approach in anteriors, frequently being a main concern for the clinician, must always constitute the best therapeutic option in terms of minimal invasiveness and possible future correction or substitution, especially in young patients, as it offers an obvious advantage in terms of long-term prognosis for the tooth, making it possible to postpone more invasive, both biologically and economically, prosthetic techniques.

Fig. 1