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Paulo Monteiro

Direct & Indirect anterior composite resins - the step by step procedure video

44010 Views - May 2017

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In this video article dedicated to the finishing and polishing of composite resin restorations, we will address the "direct & indirect restorations in anterior teeth” and we intend to demonstrate the most important details in the identification of the texture and shape of the natural tooth, the step by step in the making of a natural and suitable texture.

Step by step video on Finishing and Polishing procedures from the shape to the surface polishing.


Finishing and polishing can be considered the last step in the direct restorative process. However, it should be regarded as one of the most important steps, allowing the actual natural integration with the adjacent teeth. It is essential to obtain a smooth and polished surface of the restoration so that its chromatic stability, and surface state is as durable as possible over time.


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