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12815 Views - Feb 2014

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A revolutionary tool that boosts the iPhone* macro capabilities to transform it into a complete dental photography system. Is not only a cover that allows the Smile Lite to be fitted to your iPhone, but as well a concept of professional dental photography where the images are obtained in a very similar way than is done with the DSLR cameras.

Why Smile Lite?

Smile Lite is a revolutionary tool which brings you RELIABILITY, SIMPLICITY and EFFICIENCY it allows you to drastically reduce the risk of mistakes during shade-taking. Equipped with 5500°K (daylight) calibrated L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diodes), Smile Lite provides natural and neutral light, stable and reliable regardless of the time of the day or the weather outside (sunny or cloudy).

Smile Lite is equipped with a special polarizing filter that produces near to zero light interference easily adaptable to Smile Lite. This «magical» filter amazingly annihilates light reflection (specular and diffuse) and allows the user to observe the teeth in a totally new way: easier appreciation of color, better understanding of the depth and transparencies, enhancement of the tiniest details and characterizations.

Smile Lite is selling worldwide because of the versatility between natural light and polarized light, because of its size, design, long lasting battery and many other convenient features as the universal USB charger that can be plugged in the computer, wall plug and any other device with a USB port.
Why the need to digitalize what is seen through the Smile Lite?

Smile Lite was conceived for universal color matching and quick shade assessment, to standardize the light conditions with which color is taken and to generate polarization in one single tool. After the first months of testing the smile lite, the authors considered it was worthy to have a method to register the images obtained through the viewfinder which were only exploitable by eye.
Mounted in this way, the system will capture pictures with 5500Kº calibration and full glare and texture display given by the light
Having a very narrow camera, and thus a very small diaphragm, the depth of field given by the iSight camera is more than ideal. The lightning given by the 6 LED form the Smile Lite enhances the texture of teeth, and gives a very accurate color in every shot.
The big display of the iPhone allows the user to capture what they see through the screen and the ability to perceive many details before the actual pictures is taken.

Why on iPhone?*

It was clear that having a compact device as the Smile Lite, it was necessary to have a compact device to capture the digital media.

The choice of iPhone* was determined in an early stage for having at the moment the only camera that was able to focus from close distances, that is, a true macro mode without zoom. Camera definition, processor speed, screen resolution were among other features an important reason for which iPhone was selected as the ideal device for this goal. Other systems are being studied for development, but is still unclear the feasibility of their production. More news shall come in the upcoming months.
Compatible with iPhone* 5S, 5, 4S and 4, only one system for all these iPhones*, in the same box.
A dedicated FREE app.
Specifically developed for dental photography, allows the user to obtain high quality images and helps through the calibration stage with a very friendly interface and simple usage.


1 – Download of the App
Open the AppStore* and type « Smile Capture by Smile Line » in the url.
Follow the steps for downloading the App on your iPhone. This operation is free of charge.
The Smile Capture APP will not work properly without the hardware and the Hardware may not work properly without the app.

Prior to assemble iPhone* and Smile Lite, we invite the user to open and play with the App in order to discover and get used with the functions.

2 – Assemble iPhone* and Smile Lite on SmartConnect
Check the model of your iPhone* and select the matching SmartConnect. One side of the SmartConnect is foreseen for sliding the Smile Lite – the other side of the SmartConnect is foreseen for sliding the iPhone*. Follow the instruction on fig. 1.
Attention : do not force the insertion of the iPhone* but instead make sure 1° that you are using the correct model of SmartConnect and 2° that the sense of insertion is respected.
3 – Calibration procedure
Select the Calibration Card corresponding to your iPhone* model and insert it onto the bottom of the Calibration Box.
Note : for each type of iPhone, two cards are supplied, one LOW VALUE card and one HIGH VALUE card. Select the low value card in case the ambient light is rather weak. On the contrary, in case the room is bright, select the high value card. We suggest everyone makes his own experiments.
Attention : manipulate the Calibration Cards with care – do not scratch or write on their surface.
a – Switch on the Smile Lite.
b – Open the Smile Capture App
c – click on « new patient » or « existing patient » and type the name
d – Place the assembly Smile Lite/iPhone (called later Smile Capture Unit) in its correct position into the Calibration Box as shown on Fig.2
d –Make sure that the first steps have been followed correctly – your Smile Lite must be « on ». Click on the button « Start calibration ». The calibration procedure lasts 4-5 seconds. Once the green V disappears from the screen, your Smile Capture Unit is ready for shooting.
4 – Photo shooting
The Smile Capture Unit is now correctly calibrated for photo shooting and it will save the current values until as long as you stay in the same photo session .
a – Take the Smile Capture Unit out of the Calibration Box.
b – Approach the Smile Capture Unit close (approx. 8cm) to the area to be captured – check the correct sharpness by slightly moving back and forth the camera until your eye catches the correct distance/sharpness. Note that the autofocus is disabled on purpose, just like the proffesional dental cameras. You can optionally zoom in/out by pinch movement.

c – Shoot – click on the button « Camera » (or on the +/- button). During 10 seconds, a yellow banner on the top of the screen invites you to preview the image, if desired. It is possible to continue shooting repeatedly or start immediately a short video shooting.
d – The image is directed to the patient’s album. In case you are not in a patient’s album then the image will be re-directed into the main album.
e- If you feel that something is not right with your picture, place the system back into the calibration box and click on « Calibration ».


Taking pictures with the polarizing Style Lense
All the previous steps were describing how to take a picture with the normal « daylight » 5500°K of the Smile Lite. For taking a picture with the polarizing filter, proceed as follows :
a – place the polarizing Style Lense in its correct position (see instructions of Smile Lite)
b – if you are starting a new photo session, follow exactly the same Calibration procedure as explained before
c – if you are already in a photo session with a patient, then in the capture screen click on the button « Calibration » – this allows you recalibrate the camera. This is obviously necessary as the lighting conditions are different.
Note : each time you wish to pass from a photo session without filter to a photo session with filter (or reverse), you’ll need to recalibrate.
Mounted in this way, the filter will annihilate every reflection and will obtain polarized pictures.
Polarization of images is obtained by simply inserting the magnetic filter and recalibrating.

Photo treatment (filters)
The App offers you the possibility of photo treatment thanks to « Deep View » button and selected filters. Call an image and click on the button « Edit Picture » – you’ll now have the possibility to make slight changes and/or optimizations to that picture.
When clicking on the button « Save », the App will create a new file and will always keep the source image.

Share an image by e-mail
Select the image and click on the button with the sign « square+arrow ». Enter the e-mail address where to the image(s) need to be sent. Select the size of the image – the bigger the size in Ko., the better the resolution on the screen of your PC.

Short video clips
With the Smile Capture Unit, it is possible to create also short video clips. The calibration process is the same as for taking a picture. Instead of clicking on the « Camera » button, click on the « Video » button.
Notes : with iPhone 5 and 5S, it is possible to zoom during the video session – this function is not possible with iPhone 4 and 4S.
The maximum length of video to be sent by e-mail is limited to 20 seconds. Should your video be longer, a message will appear before e-mail sending mentioning you have to re-size the video. This operation has to be done in the native photo App of your iPhone.

Sharpness of the images
The user will have to train a little bit in order to get a correct sharpness of images. In case the sharpness if not ok, the cause is just that the distance to the area to be captured was not correct (too far or too close). Best of course is when the patient’s head is supported and is not moving.
At the beginning, it might be of help to train with the zoom for getting the correct sharpness : prior to shoot, you may zoom for checking the sharpness and zoom back just before clicking on the « Camera » button.
Taking several pictures in a same session will also be a good training.

In spite of the calibration procedure, image quality may slightly differ depending on the ambiant light.
If you feel your image is over exposed, recalibrate using this time the high value card. Make also a test after having slightly dimmed the light and/or closed the blinds. On the contrary if your image seems too dark, recalibrate using this time the low value card.
Also, it is important to know that depending on the quality of your computer screen and the fact it is calibrated or not, the images may look different from when watched on the iPhone screen. When choosing a new computer screen, prefer a high quality product and also don’t hesitate to ask a specialist for learning how to calibrate it.
Styleitaliano wrote an article in the Labline Magazine on winter 2013 issue where the color matching philosophy, natural light, polarized light and smile capture are thoroughly described.

FAQ & FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions and Frequent Answered Questions):

Q: How much does the app costs?

A: Nothing, is free in every case, if someone attempts to sell the app it can be a case of scam, please report it.

Q: I have an iPhone* 4 and an iPhone* 5, do I need to buy two Smile Capture sets?

A: No, one set includes an iPhone 4-4s cover and an iPhone 5-5s cover, a calibration box which fits both phones and all the calibration cards.

Q: How do I sterilize the case?

A: Cold sterilizing or disinfecting solution, do not autoclave.

Q: I cannot download the app, what can I do?

A: Make sure your iTunes* account is enabled to download apps, that is set in the country where your credit card is active and that you payment method is valid (even if the app is free). If you cannot download it still, contact Apple* support.

Q: I already have a Smile Lite, and I can’t attach it to my phone and I cannot take pictures. How do I do it?

A: You need the Smile Capture system, which is sold separately and is sold without the Smile Lite

Q: Can I take pictures with the Smile Lite and my DSRL

A: Smile Lite is not meant to be used with the DSLR.

Q: The system takes the pictures but does not saves them, what is wrong?

A: Delete the app, download it and install it again and after opening the app for the first time be sure to “allow access to the camera roll” and “allow access to the microphone”

Q: Where can I buy Smile Capture?

A: With you local Smile Line Dealer you can find here a list of Smile Line Dealers, if your country does not have a dealer or the dealer doesn’t have the product you can buy on-line in the Styleitaliano shop.

Q: I don’t have the smile Lite can I buy only the Smile Capture

A: No, Smile Capture is designed to work with Smile Lite thus, you need both.

Q: I have another lamp for color matching, is it compatible with Smile Capture

A: No, Smile Capture only works with Smile Lite

Q: In the editing menu, what is the function “Deep view”?

A: Is a special combination of filters that allow to enhance digitally the inner color features of teeth.

Q: I have an iPhone* 3-3s, is it compatible?

A: Sorry, the system is not compatible with models before iPhone 4, other iPhones different than 5-5s 4-4s will not fit and the app will not work.

Q: I have an iPhone* 5c, is it compatible?

A: iPhone* 5c does not fit the actual covers, even though the camera and software are compatible, the fitting of the iPhone 5c has not been tested on the current Smile Capture.

Q: I cannot find the calibration device… is not inside the box, where is it?

A: The same box where the Smile Capture is packed is the calibration box, please do not throw it away

Q: Can I calibrate without the box?

A: Ideally not, if by any reason you need to move without the box, take with you the cover and the calibration cards and calibrate at 8cm from the center of the card in steady position Ideally leaning in some fix object.

Q: Is there a Smile Capture for Android? Will it be available?

A: Not yet, the development is being studied for Samsung S4 and iPad*, but is still uncertain.

Q: Pictures look bad after I remove the filter or after I insert it, what happens?

A: Is mandatory to recalibrate as the light conditions change dramatically when putting the filter.

Q: Do I have to recalibrate after every picture?

A: No, only after a session (as long as the display of the iPhone is still on) which ends after the screen locks and after changing the light conditions (placing or removing the filter) Is recommended that if Smile Capture is used frequently, to set up to 5 minutes the display ilumination in the iPhone settings.

Q: Can I charge my phone with the Smart-Connect case on?

A: Yes, the case is designed to fit the charging cable, is possible even to use it during a photographic session as long as the cable lenghth allows it

A: If I use the low value card I obtain brighter images and the high value card I obtain darker pictures, is it normal?

Q: Yes it is normal! That is exactly the function, the system calibrates darker when the high value card is used and viceversa. So high value for darker pictures and low value for brighter pictures.

Q: Do I have to calibrate with the card indicated for the model of my iPhone

A: Ideally yes, but is possible to try other cards to get more brightness

Q: Can I make polarized pictures and videos?

A: yes and pictures and videos with 5500Kº as well.

Q: The pictures are dark and out of focus, what is wrong?

A: You are located too far away from the subject, Smile Capture focuses as the professionals take pictures, by getting near/far from the subject until getting the perfect sharpness and focusing.

Q: The pictures are bright and out of focus, what is wrong?

A: You are located too close to the subject, Smile Capture focuses as the professionals take pictures, by getting near/far from the subject until getting the perfect sharpness and focusing.

Q: Can I zoom?

A: Yes there’s the possibility to pinch/zoom, the digital zoom looses quality, so do a rational use of the zoom.

Q: If I edit a picture does it gets definitely modified, do I have to save a copy first?

A: The app leave the original source intact, it makes automatically a copy of the edited picture.

Q: How can I share the digital media from the app?

A: There’s a share function inside the app, by email… outside the app you can use as many resources for sharing as your iPhone has.

* Apple, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. AppStore and iTunes are service marks of Apple Inc.


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