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Michele Rossini

My name is Michele Rossini, I was born near the lake of Como in 1971. I graduated at University of Studies in Milan. My attention is on prosthetic rehabilitation. My passions are new technologies, especially cad/cam, and the developing of new solutions for dentists in the digital field. I share my work days with my two sisters and my two brothers in law in our dental clinic, the first “full digital” clinic in Italy. I do lectures all around Italy talking about digital solutions for clinicians with a particular attention to organization, communication and clinical procedures. My focus is sharing all my knowledge in order to stimulate the debate and the communication between people around the changing of our society in the light of new technologies. I organized meeting with my patients, with the participation of thousands of people, on the subject of health. I do a monthly radio show where I talk about oral health and prevention. In 2015, I founded a company called youniquePRO that handles entrepreneurial education in dental field.

Prevention is dead, long live prevention

7192 Views - May 2017

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Prevention as we have known it till now, is dead.

Buried under hundreds of debates between researchers, under mountains of statistics which show us a minimum adherence to the indications (when they are present) submitted by doctors (non-compliance rate between 30% to 40%).

A kind of prevention which aims to impose treatments without the consent of the patient is basically ineffective.

ACTIVE CARE is the new face of prevention because of its possibility to combine:

Technical skills and scientific research: providing detailed information on products, on their effectiveness and on their proper use.

Communication skills and persuasion techniques which are able to rationalise the motivation for a therapy. A therapy which needs to be accepted by the patient in a more effective way.


C.U.B.E. (Care Under the Best Experience) is the perfect tool for the clinician. An ideal box provides the dentist with all the information he requires to manage the patient and his health. Different cubes for different kind of patients, with different needs.


C.U.B.E. answers the three questions that patients always have in their mind when sitting in front of a dentist talking about prevention

Do you care about me?

Can you help me?

Can I trust you?


Active Care answers these questions directly. This proposes a complete system to the dentist which enable him to:

Raise the awareness and the compliance of the patient: the patient himself wants to plan his health with the help of the dentist. The program reassures the patient who doesn’t have to think of anything else regarding his health in the immediate future.


Generate revenue through prevention

Is it possible to generate revenue coming from prevention procedures? The answer is yes, with a long-term profitability coming from three steps:


FIRST STEP: patient’s awakening made by active care proposal. A hygiene session for re-entry in the routine of maintenance about oral health. Evaluation of the state of health. The patient receives a direct communication from the clinic which contains a proposal for adhesion to a new wellness program.


SECOND STEP: submission of the prevention treatment plan in order to join the special needs of the patients by using ACTIVE CARE products and therapies. The patients receive a complete and accurate treatment plan which is agreed to with the dentist. Both parts need to subscribe to the plan that contains an end date for revaluation. If the objectives will achieved there would be a sort of advantage for the patient in terms of free care.


THIRD STEP: identification (detection) and solution of emerging pathologies. After the first steps comes the step where there is the proposal of new treatments based on the revaluation procedures.

Img. 1 - The three questions that patients always have in their minds when talking about prevention

Img. 2 - Long-term profitability comes from three steps


The patient doesn’t care about what we can do for his health in general, but he does care about what a dentist can do to meet his needs. He wants a personalized plan, clearly explained, motivated and written. In this case, the patient perceives to have received an advantage and obtained a useful result. The program we intend to offer needs to have a clear development along the time which is customizable following the patients will.  Furthermore, the program needs to be unmistakably expressed and achievable. Active care is a program which works on behalf of the dentist, who has to learn how to communicate with patients and how to offer different solutions. It is also able to work with the patient who wants to became aware and the informed protagonist of his own health.


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