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Ylber Ballazhi

CEO at BEGO DENT, Macedonia

Direct Anterior composite using LM ARTE

30473 Views - Mar 2016

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LM-arte is a range of innovative instruments for aesthetic stratification. The instruments were developed by LM and Style Italiano with the latest concepts in layering and aesthetic dentistry.

After the old composite removal
Shade selection with Vita Classical shade guide
Rubber dam isolation,remove any unsupported enamel and smooth all the preparation
Etching was performed using 35% phosphoric acid
LM Arte Applica twist: Enamel is placed on silicone key
A thin convex posterior matrix were used (in vertical position) to give a natural and anatomic surface
LM-Arte Condensa Plug gently,the plugger has two tips, a thick and a thin one. Both ends are non-angled so we can gently press without the risk of sticking to the composite.
Palatal wall using LE composite from GC Essentia
Creating dentin mamelons using MD composite from GC essentia
Creating dentin mamelons with LM-Arte Fissura: Sculpt masterpieces A modelling tool with extremely sharp tips
LM-Arte Misura: The exact space required A unique instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical layer thickness of composite in the anterior region
Enamel is placed with LM-Arte Modella instrument and smoothed with brushes
Contouring while we copy the morphological characteristics of the neighbor tooth
After 1 week



LM-Arte instruments are unique and really can help us to achieve aesthetic stratification in everyday dentistry



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