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Aleksandar Trajanoski

Dr. Aleksandar Trajanoski graduates from the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje, Macedonia in 2008. His professional passion ever since have been aesthetic and minimally invasive restorative dentistry. After the course DSD Residency in Madrid in March 2016 he implements DSD in his daily work.

Digital Smile Design meets Direct Composite Veneers

4828 Views - Jan 2017

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When reshaping and restoring anterior teeth, the main challenge is good facial integration of the new shapes. Using Digital Smile Design we can achieve that and get more predictable results.

Img. 1 - Pre-op photo shows diastema between the two centrals, difference of the color between the central and laterals.

Img. 2 - DSD analisys shows that we need increase width to close the diastema but also we need to elongate the centrals to get good width to length ratio, same for the laterals.

Img. 3 - Wax up was made using the parameters from DSD.

Img. 4 - Control of the preparation with the silicone key made from the wax up.

Img. 5 - Post-op image showing good color and gingival integration of the composite.

Img. 6 - Close-up image showing surface texture (Perikymata) and morphology.

Img. 7 - Low birghtness photography showing the internal structure of the upper composite restorations and lower natural teeth

Img. 8 - Note the smile improvement and facial integration of the new shapes


Thanks to proper diagnosis with the help of the DSD concept and understanding of the aesthetic challenges and optical properties of composites, excellent aesthetic results can be appreciated, with a confident and happy patient at the end of the treatment.


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