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Fabio Gorni

How to manage roots dilacerations

22005 Views - Nov 2015

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The most important thing to do when treating a dilaceration is having an efficient shaping strategy. A correct rational for treatment with an efficient equipment is a key of success

the rationale of the treatment implicates the enlargement of the canal portion that stays above the curvature, reducing the interferences in the coronal two thirds of the tooth. In order to allow a correct flowing and a proper action of the instruments, the access should be expanded in a direction that is opposite to that of the curvature.
this example shows a cavity that was expanded mesially in order to compensate the distal curvature of the root
this example shows a case where the access was expanded mesially in order to compensate the distal curvature of the root
the shaping of the apical third of the canal will be performed respecting the original anatomy of the tooth, thanks to the absence of any coronal interference and to the possibility of keeping the manual sensitivity of the operator. A correct shaping will be the starting point for a proper tridimensional filling of the root canal system.


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