Styleitaliano Endodontics has the mission of setting excellence standards while simplifying protocols in this vast world of Endo, by the full understanding and respect of biology, of the all time concepts and specially for the contemporary findings. With precise rules, methods and instruments we have many messages to deliver in this new era of simplification for excellence. With our team of experts we are constantly working to do so.
Pio Bertani
Endodontics often presents both diagnostic and treatment planning issues. This involves the need to choose from various acceptable options, because dilemmas necessarily only arise when there are options. In the absence of alternatives, there would not be dilemmas. Substantial improvements within endodontic treatment, and within radiology, implant therapy, adhesive dentistry, and the introduction of new restorative materials, ensure that more options are now available. Having many options to choose from is associated with a number of positive aspects, but too many options to choose from can have negative consequences, eventually leading to the phenomenon known as “choice overload”, reducing decision quality. It is widely known that differences in treatment planning choices do exist, depending on various factors, including clinician’s and patient’s education, experience, attitudes, and also on economic resources. A lot of literature has been published on the topic of decision making in medicine, dentistry and endodontics; evidence-based medicine and dentistry has brought a completely new way of thinking in diagnostic and therapeutic questions. In addition to interest from health professionals, clinical decision problems have attracted attention from philosophers and psychologists, owing to their complexity. Despite general guidelines, literature data show that dentists choose very different treatments when ......
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