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5983 Views - Feb 2015

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In very few time, smartphone cameras had suffer an exponential improvement, and this need for a flawless camera in the palm of the hand has grown so much up to the point that the amount of digital images produced by mobile phones in the world have surpassed the digital compact cameras and will do so with the DSRL in few time. The need to adapt to new phone evolution has lead us to develop the New Smile Capture. Smile Capture is a system designed to transform the smartphone into a compact dental camera system together with the Smile lite. Smile Capture was originally developed and designed for iPhone, but many of the high-end cameras are present in Android, Smile Capture is now compatible with Samsung and many Android based cameras. Both of this smartphone brands have probably the best cameras in the market and they improve dramatically with each evolution.

Android based App is optimized for Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 – Galaxy S5 – Note 3 – Note 4
The universal attachment allows to slide the Smile Lite and then stick the whole system into the flat surface of the phone.
Samsung cameras have amazing macro capabilities, allowing to produce high quality images.
Example shots made by non expert photographers using smile capture and Smile Lite.
Samsung phones and Smile Capture are an amazing combination to produce intraoral pictures. The Android based app has a big improvement which has an autofocus micro correction within the end of the image capture.
Both versions of the app are free in Google Play and App Store.iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus has suffered an incredible change regarding design and shape, which made it initially not suitable for the old version of Smile Capture.
Now, with the universal solution, is possible to use both iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and most models of iPad. The new camera of Apple, regardless of being again a solution of 8 Mpx, has an improved sensor and lenses which has dramatically increased the quality and outcome of the pictures.
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are fully compatible with the New Smile Capture
Sharpness of images is better controlled with the new size of the screen.


Sharpness of the images The user will have to train a little bit in order to get a correct sharpness of images. In case the sharpness if not ok, the cause is just that the distance to the area to be captured was not correct (too far or too close). Best of course is when the patient’s head is supported and is not moving. At the beginning, it might be of help to train with the zoom for getting the correct sharpness : prior to shoot, you may zoom for checking the sharpness and zoom back just before clicking on the « Camera » button. Taking several pictures in a same session will also be a good training.

Images In spite of the calibration procedure, image quality may slightly differ depending on the ambiant light. If you feel your image is over exposed, recalibrate using this time the high value card. Make also a test after having slightly dimmed the light and/or closed the blinds. On the contrary if your image seems too dark, recalibrate using this time the low value card. Also, it is important to know that depending on the quality of your computer screen and the fact it is calibrated or not, the images may look different from when watched on the iPhone screen. When choosing a new computer screen, prefer a high quality product and also don’t hesitate to ask a specialist for learning how to calibrate it.
The new universal attachment of Smile Capture works adhesively over flat surfaces. If your phone has satin surface, there is an adhesive tag to turn it into the perfect adhesive surface.


Set of accessories for dental photography with smartphone, compatible : iPhone 4 – 4S – 5 – 5S – 6 Samsung Galaxy S4 – Galaxy S5 – Note 3 – Note 4 Including : – Set of adaptors for coupling Smile Lite / smartphone – Calibration box – Calibration cards (set of 8pcs) – Smile Capture App, free download on App Store or Play Store Smile Lite and smartphone not included in the Set It’s as easy as that : 1° Connect your smartphone and your Smile Lite by means of SmartConnect 2° Open the Smile Capture App 3° Calibrate (process takes 4’’) 4° Shoot 5° Share by e-mail to your own PC or anybody of your choice

FAQ & FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions and Frequent Answered Questions):

Q: How much does the app costs? A: Nothing, is free in every case (Apple Store or Google Play), if someone attempts to sell the app it can be a case of scam, please report it.

Q: I have a phone which is not Samsung or Apple, does the system is compatible? A: The hardware is compatible with most smartphones, especially it the back surface is flat. Software is only compatible with iPhone and Android. And so far Iphone and Samsung smartphones have been tested on iPhone 4 – 4S – 5 – 5S – 6 Samsung Galaxy S4 – Galaxy S5 – Note 3 – Note 4 other models of Android or Apple might give optimal results.

Q: How do I sterilize the case? A: Cold sterilizing or disinfecting solution, do not autoclave.

Q: I cannot download the app, what can I do? A: Make sure your iTunes* account is enabled to download apps, that is set in the country where your credit card is active and that you payment method is valid (even if the app is free). If you cannot download it still, contact Apple* support. Make sure you have an active account on Google Play*, if you cannot download contact Google Play* support.

Q: I already have a Smile Lite, and I can’t attach it to my phone and I cannot take pictures. How do I do it? A: You need the Smile Capture system, which is sold separately and is sold without the Smile Lite Q: Can I take pictures with the Smile Lite and my DSRL A: Smile Lite is not meant to be used with the DSLR.

Q: The system takes the pictures but does not saves them, what is wrong? A: Be sure to “allow access to the camera roll” and “allow access to the microphone”. If you accidentally denied the access, go to settings, privacy and grant access again.

Q: Where can I buy Smile Capture? A: With you local Smile Line Dealer you can find here a list of Smile Line Dealers, if your country does not have a dealer or the dealer doesn’t have the product you can buy on-line in the Styleitaliano shop.

Q: I don’t have the smile Lite can I buy only the Smile Capture A: No, Smile Capture is designed to work with Smile Lite thus, you need both products.

Q: I have another lamp for color matching, is it compatible with Smile Capture A: No, Smile Capture only works with Smile Lite

Q: In the editing menu, what is the function “Deep view”? A: Is a special combination of filters that allow to enhance digitally the inner color features of teeth.

Q: I have an iPhone* 3-3s, Samsung Galaxy 3, is it compatible? A: The system has only been tested with iPhone 4, Galaxy 4 and above. Presumably they are compatible, but the macro capabilities of the camera are not granted.

Q: I have an iPhone* 5c, is it compatible? A: iPhone* 5c is now compatible with the NEW Smile Capture.

Q: I cannot find the calibration device… is not inside the box, where is it? A: The same box where the Smile Capture is packed is the calibration box, please do not throw it away

Q: Can I calibrate without the box? A: Ideally not, if by any reason you need to move without the box, take with you the cover and the calibration cards and calibrate at 8cm from the center of the card in steady position Ideally leaning in some fix object.

Q: Is there a Smile Capture for Android*? Will it be available? A: Yes, the NEW smile capture is compatible with Android*.

Q: Is the New Smile Capture compatible with every android device? A: The Android phone line-up is so vast that is impossible to grant the compatibility for every device. Compatibility is stretchy linked to the camera capabilities and the ability for it to have a macro features. If you are not sure, ask your local Smile Line dealer for a device test.

Q: Pictures look bad after I remove the filter or after I insert it, what happens? A: Is mandatory to recalibrate as the light conditions change dramatically when putting the filter.

Q: Do I have to recalibrate after every picture? A: No, only after a session (as long as the display of your smart phone is still on) which ends after the screen locks and after changing the light conditions (placing or removing the filter) Is recommended that if Smile Capture is used frequently, to set up to 5 minutes the display illumination in the Phone settings.

Q: Can I charge my phone with the Smart-Connect case on? A: Yes, the case is designed to fit the charging cable, is possible even to use it during a photographic session as long as the cable length allows it

Q: If I use the low value card I obtain brighter images and the high value card I obtain darker pictures, is it normal? A: Yes it is normal! That is exactly the function, the system calibrates darker when the high value card is used and viceversa. So high value for darker pictures and low value for brighter pictures.

Q: Can I make polarized pictures and videos? A: yes, polarized pictures and videos, and of course pictures and videos with 5500Kº as well.

Q: The pictures are dark and out of focus, what is wrong? A: You are located too far away from the subject, Smile Capture focuses as the professionals take pictures, by getting near/far from the subject until getting the perfect sharpness and focusing.

Q: The pictures are bright and out of focus, what is wrong? A: You are located too close to the subject, Smile Capture focuses as the professionals take pictures, by getting near/far from the subject until getting the perfect sharpness and focusing.

Q: Can I zoom? A: Yes there’s the possibility to pinch/zoom, the digital zoom looses quality, so do a rational use of the zoom.

Q: If I edit a picture does it gets definitely modified, do I have to save a copy first? A: The app leave the original source intact, it makes automatically a copy of the edited picture.

Q: How can I share the digital media from the app? A: There’s a share function inside the app, by email… outside the app you can use as many resources for sharing as your iPhone* has. * Apple, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. AppStore and iTunes are service marks of Apple Inc. Android is a registered trademark of Google. Galaxy and Note are registered Trademarks of Samsung. Google Play is a Registered Trademark of Google.


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