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5405 Views - Apr 2014

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The innovative design of the Photo-CAD retractors allow for the best results with photography of the 4 quadrants and during digital impressions with Cad-CAM systems.
Photo-CAD are foldable and have a soft surface for the patients’ best comfort. Photo-CAD fits perfectly in Flexipalette Family.

Photo-CAD UP

Photo-CAD UP is a cheek retractor which can be used every day. Its function when in use for dental photography will be to retract the vestibular soft tissues in the area upper pre-molar/molar during « occlusal » image capture. It will be of great help too during optical scanned-impressions for Cad-CAM systems.
It can be bent more or less close to the handle depending on the desired retraction surface.

Photo-CAD UP can be used in the upper area as much as in the lower in many working phases (ex : conservative, preps, surgery, etc.) as a very comfortable retractor for both dentist and patient.

The following video is about the use of two Photo-CAD Up to take pictures in the frontal area, with a Flexipalette.
Tongue is often very annoying when taking pictures of quadrants or when taking digital impressions. Photo-CAD Low is designed to solve this problem.
On the left: an occlusal picture without Photo-CAD. On the right: with Photo-CAD.

Photo-CAD allows to make the arch free by keeping aside the soft tissues:
Photo-CAD LOW also makes optical scanned-impressions of lower preparations much more easy.

For the best results, it is required to insert completely inside the lips the cheek protection plate. in a second step –for dental photography- rotate downwards the anterior part of Photo-CAD LOW for allowing the insertion of the mirror (see drawing here under). The use of a « lateral » mirror for the occlusal photo shooting is advised.
In the following video you can see a picture taking sequence with Photo-CAD Low:
The following is with Photo-CAD Low:
History of development:

Photo-CAD is a production of Style Italiano Idea Factory, and is a result of the brainstorming of the group.
Photo-CADs have been invented, then 3D designed with Blender (, free software). Here is one of the first ideas:
This is one of the last meshes:
and 3D printed in order to make first prototypes. Here is the 3D printing process of one of the first prototypes:
Prototypes have been tested by all Style italiano members and some Style World members in order to make improvements.

With a 3D printed prototype (rigid!):
Then, Smile Line, our partner, decided to produce Photo-CAD (producing it in soft foldable rubber, like Flexipalette) making another of our ideas come to reality.

Stay tuned for many other stuff from tyle Italiano Idea Factory!


Photo-CAD are available with your local smile line dealer ( or in our online shop (


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