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Mixpac Colibri Mixer

2687 Views - Jan 2012

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MIXPAC Colibri mixer:
Revolutionary development for cement and silicone injection

more info:

Why using a new tool?

All bended tips excepting MIXPACTM Colibri show a damage or loss of the inner volume.
The quality of MIXPACTM Colibri‘s needle ensures a constant inner volume.
MIXPAC Colibri in two versions: for cartridges and for double syringes.
360° free rotation: suitable for every kind of clinical situation.
In comparison with a standard mixing tip the MIXPAC Colibri reduces the loss of material due to its integrated needle.


70% of prosthetic treatments are for nonvital teeth in need of a root fixation. So far, several materials, steps and methods were necessary to fill the root canal in a satisfactory way. Our latest development MIXPAC Colibri helps to treat the canal in only one step and in a good quality, even if the area is difficult to reach (narrow diameter, location of the tooth, especially if behind the canines, ability of the tip to be bended for easy access with no damage or loss of the inner volume, etc.).

MIXPAC Colibri was developed for different clinical needs in a daily practice. It is especially suitable for the following main indications:
- Indirect posts (metal or metal-free): a precise impression of the root canal can be taken with MIXPAC Colibri using a light body impression material in only one step.
- Fiber post restoration: with MIXPACTM Colibri, the root canal and coronal
area can be filled easily with a dualcure composite in one step
- MIXPACTM Colibri can also be used to precisely apply resin cements (auto adhesive composite cement or resin cement for bonding ) into the root canal or on a veneer during cementation.

To sum up, MIXPACTM Colibri is useful for three main indications – impression, fiber post restoration and cementation – andhelpful to apply three different materials – silicone, dual-cure composite and resin cement.

6 features of MIXPAC Colibri

MIXPAC Colibri was designed to simplify the procedure of root canal filling. In this sense, our aim was to reduce the working steps and develop a versatile tool:
- All in one: the needle is already integrated in the mixer
- There is no additional tip needed which reduces the loss of material
- The standardized needle diameters allow the user to reach every kind of root canal (canal preparation with minimum size 2 needed): the needle with a 0.9mm diameter is suitable for endodontic fillings and the one with a 1.4mm diameter for coronal indications.
- The bendable needle keeps a constant inner volume which ensures the flowability of the material.
- The needle is free rotatable up to 360°
- The tips are applicable on double syringes
and cartridges


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