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LM Arte instruments powered by style italiano

25625 Views - Dec 2011

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LM-arte is a range of innovative instruments for aesthetic stratification. The instruments were developed by LM and Style Italiano with the latest concepts in layering and aesthetic dentistry. Buy on-line Are you in ukraine, click here! Five unique instruments with an Italian name, eccesso (excess), condensa (condense), misura (measure), fissura (fissure) and applica (apply), modella (model) applica twist (apply).

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LM-arte instruments were specifically designed for composite stratification and are produced in LM-DuraGradeMAX a high quality, non-adherent steel with exceptional polishing. Each LM-Arte instrument has a colour code and name which refers to its function.

LM-Arte Misura The exact space required A unique instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical layer thickness of composite in the anterior and posterior restorations. After the layering of the composite dentin, and before curing it, the thin-end of the Measure, which has a conical-cylindrical shape, is placed in contact with the natural tooth enamel. The area that remains below the conical body indicates the optimum thickness of the layer of enamel final composite, from 0.5 to 0.7mm. The thick-end of the Measure can be placed on the edge of the prepared cavity, so that the edge of the tip remains on the original enamel. This helps to determine the proper thickness of the translucent composite in the margin area. The result? A final aesthetic restoration with the correct calibration of translucent and opaque masses, avoiding the annoying gray composites and allowing an efficient, fast and simple restorative treatment.

LM-Arte Fissura Sculpt masterpieces A modeling tool with extremely sharp tips. The conical end is designed to sculpt, with a single instrument the occlusal anatomy of posterior teeth. The thin probe curve is optimal for modelling pits and fissures, and for placing stains and sealants. The flexibility of Fissura allows us to delicately evaluate the possible resin excess on the tooth surface.

LM-Arte Eccesso Remove excess A tool designed for removing residues and composite bonding. The special working-end angles are ideal for the removal of overhangs in the cervical and interproximal areas of anteriors, premolars and molars. This tool has an optimal length, thickness and width of the blades.

LM-Arte Applica Flexibility and accuracy A very thin and flexible spatula, designed to carry and model the composite. The flexible working tip gently and precisely sculpts composite, mimicking the natural tooth contours and allows us to model in tight spaces or on the matrix.

LM-Arte Condensa Plug gently A long and rounded plugger specifically designed to model composite. This tool allows easy access to most types of cavities. The plugger has two tips, a thick and a thin one. Both ends are non-angled so we can gently press without the risk of sticking to the composite. Download PDF of How to succeed in aesthetic layering using the right instruments in Anteriors Download PDF of How to successfully model posterior composites using the right instruments

LM-Arte Applica Twist has the same features of Applica, but with 45º twisted tips to reach hard access model sites

LM-Arte Modella, wide and ultra thin spatula for modeling wide areas and at the same time accessing sharp angles

Arte isntruments come in this special autocalvable kit which allows protection and maintainance

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