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Smile Line

Compobrush by Smile Line, powered by Styleitaliano


6136 Views - Jul 2017

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Modeling brushes for composite, the high density synthetic BLACK fiber allows composbrush to resist more than any conventional brush the action of the photocuring liquids that touch them, they are designed to have a high aesthetic design, the handles are autoclavable and the tips are replaceable, they may be cold sterilized for multiple use.

We are glad to present to you our latest selection of aesthetics essentials. Compobrush by Smile Line is what you need in your drawer not only when approaching esthetic direct cases, but it might also be your ace in the hole when you want maximum precision in excess removal during cementation or whatever situation you might want to use them for. 


The intro Kit contains the 2 handles and 4 spare tips

Box of 50 spare tips for Anteriors

Box of 50 spare tips for Posteriors

Here are some clinical pictures that show the standard use of Compobrush...

If the tips get contamined or ruined, is possible to change them.

Versatility of use, Handles can be sterilised in autoclave while the tip can be treated separately.

Compobrush for anteriors

Compobrush for posteriors

Compobrush for posteriors

...and their custom use.

Compobrush for posteriors but used in small areas in anteriors

Compobrush for anteriors, it is advisable to use them DRY for better surface perception, but are pefectly compatible with modeling liquids

Compobrush for anteriors

Compobrush for anteriors

Compobrush for anteriors

Compobrush for anteriors

Compobrush for anteriors

Posterior compobrush without modification

Bending of the tip for angulation

you can obtain the angle of your convenenience

bristles personalization, trim them if you need more working power, leave then longer for more delicate touch

Find them on or with your local Smile Line dealer


It's now up to you to find your best application!

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