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Alexander Fetsych

Private practice in Lviv, Ukraine
Education: Lviv National Medical University, MD, 2004
Specialization: minimal invasive aesthetic and functional rehabilitation with the use of composite and ceramic.
Author of several publications in the following dental journals: "Dental Town" (USA), " Aesthetic Dentistry" (Russia), "Dentist Info", "Navistom" (Ukraine) and others.
Member of editorial board of "Aesthetic Dentistry" (St. Petersburg, Russia) and "Dentist Info" (Kharkiv, Ukraine) dental journals.
Founder and lecturer of FSC
Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (UAED)
Opinion-leader of the "Micerium S.p.A." company (Italy)
Starting from 2010 regularly gives lectures and master-classes on aesthetic and functional rehabilitation

Aesthetic rehabilitation. Non-invasive ceramic veneers. PART 3 - WAX-UP AND MOCK-UP

9648 Views - Apr 2016

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Nowadays, adhesive technology in dentistry allows us not only to create highly aesthetic and natural smiles, but also it gives us a possibility to be as much conservative, as we want to; in some cases, we even can perform high-end dentistry without any preparation at all.

The laboratory work was performed by Ivan Savula, from Lviv, Ukraine, a FSC member.

Next step is a wax-up. Ideally, the technician must repeat the virtual design, if it coincides with the occlusion. To verify the accuracy of matching, we have imposed the intraoral photo and photo of model changing their translucency.
Reference points of horizon for technician.
DSD project imposed on the model.
DSD project imposed on the model with wax-up.
This projection better shows us harmony and beauty of our solution to close spaces.
Wax-up is powerful diagnostic tool and it should be precisely done in articulator.
Silicon key, 90 Shore hardness, is taken from the wax-up.
Further, we are placing a bisacryl material for the temporaries (in this case - Luxatemp DMG) in silicone key, and placing it intraorally.
If we precisely trim the gingival outline of silicone key along the scallop of proposed gingival outline from teeth, it would be much easier for us to remove excess bisacryl material, as it will be mechanically clipped with silicone key.
Mock-up matches to a virtual project.
Smile with mock-up.
Smile from right and left.
Mock-up should be analyzed in dynamics, which implies a video record. After proper video analysis, shape and dimensions have been approved by the patient and a team with a few corrections established by clinician
1. centrals - shorter, guide - distal part of 11
2. centrals - rounded distal corners
3. laterals - shorter (0.2mm)
4. 22 medial highlight more medial
Before and with mock-up.
Before and with mock-up.


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